• Anthracnose attacks grass plants, normally only Annual meadow grass (poa annua) but occasionally other grasses will show symptom when they are under environmental stress.
  • Disease triggered by low nutrition and compaction leading to reduced turf vigour.
  • Anthracnose is usually prevalent in late summer but can be present at any time of year.
  • Once disease reaches basal rot stage fungicides are no longer effective for control of disease but should be applied to prevent further attack.

Cultural Control

  • Turf should have sufficient nutritional input, particularly coming into the end of the summer.
  • Using a slow release fertilizer late in the season ensures that adequate nutrition is in the soil to promote a healthy turf.
  • Avoid low heights of cut as they add to turf stress.
  • Minimise mechanical cultivation during periods of stress.
  • Aerate to relieve compaction and improve oxygen levels.
  • Irrigate in the morning to minimise long periods of leaf wetness over night.
  • Use a penetrating wetting agent to move water through soil profile and to keep surface dry.

Chemical Control

  • Apply a preventative fungicide such as Heritage Maxx (Azoxystrobin) when risk is high (usually around early August).
  • If anthracnose is active apply either Banner Maxx II (Propiconazole), Instrata (Propiconazole, Chlorathalonil & Fludioxonil) or Medallion TL (Fludioxonil) depending on time of year, last fungicide applied and temperatures.
  • Always add Prestige Super Recovery to each fungicide application.
  • Use fungicides as part of an IPM programme and be aware of causing resistance to one chemical group by its regular use.

Use plant protection safely. Always read the label and product information before use


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