Verti-Draining Fairways

Verti-Draining Fairways

Verti Drain Tractor 1 Verti Drain Tractor 2

So why Verti Drain? It is useful to break up soil compaction from the years play, and it also provides desirable conditions for healthy root growth. By breaking up the compaction, it allows roots to penetrate more deeply into the soil and provides a conduit for surface water to reach the drains. This will allow for better absorbing of water and nutrients.

Benefits of Verti-Draining

  • Enables the absorption of water from the surface to the drainage system below (if present), preventing run-off and excess surface water
  • Aids with quick drying of turf to extend playing time
  • Improves and maintains good soil structure
  • Improves and maintains sward density giving a better playing surface and preventing the invasion of weeds and moss etc.
  • Improves the durability of the sward and recovery from surface damage

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