Aeration Displacement Chart

Aeration Displacement Chart

Tine size 32mm x 32mm centres 38mm x 38mm centres 50mm x 50mm centres 63mm x 63mm centres 127mm x 127mm centres
6mm Hollow tine 3.14% 2.18% 1.24% 0.79%  
10mm Hollow tine 7.07% 4.91% 2.76% 1.77%  
13mm Hollow tine 12.57% 8.73% 4.91% 3.14%  
16mm Hollow tine   13.64% 7.67% 4.91%  
16mm Hollow verti-drain         1.23%
19mm Hollow tine       7.07% 1.77%
19mm Hollow verti-drain         1.77%
25mm Hollow tine         3.14%
25mm Hollow verti-drain         3.14%
22mm Drill & Fill (178mm centres)         1.23%
Graden 25mm spacing 1mm blade 3.91% 2mm blade 7.8% 3mm blade 11.81%    

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