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An innovative liquid application system for easy, economical and efficient weed control.

The WeedBall consists of a handle which doubles as a liquid reservoir, and an adjustable flow control system feeding the desired amount of liquid on to a roller, that in turn dispenses it onto the ball.

The continuous flexing of the ball during operation pumps the liquid from within the ball to the outside surfaces.

One side of the ball is flat to allow easy operation along vertical surfaces.

No overspray or wastage, reduces chemical usage by up to 80%.

Gallup Biograde Amenity 360g

Gallup Biograde Amenity weed killer is a foliar applied translocated herbicide for the control of emerged weeds in industrial situations, forestry and aquatic areas.

Click here for more information on Gallup 360g Biograde Amenity

Nitrile Gloves

A nitrile formula glove for the resistance of many solvents and oil based chemicals.


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