Stress Recovery Package

Product Description

Package includes:

Greenmaster Liquid High NK

10:0:10 + TE

  • Balanced NK fertilizer with no P
  • Perfect to use between spring and autumn
  • N to K ratio balances growth, toughens the sward
  • Enhances color and health by unlocking Iron in soil

    Improves turf health and assist with stress recovery.

    Greenmaster Liquid STEP

  • Corrects micronutrient imbalances in the plant
  • Chelated trace elements maximize nutrient delivery
  • Helps to prevent soil lockup
  • Full trace element package
  • Improves overall turf health, aids stress recovery

    A full trace element package enhances turf health and assist with stress recovery.

    Offer ends 31st August 2018

  • Application:

    1 x High NK

    1 x STEP

    £395.00 ex. VAT
    £474.00 inc. VAT



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