Full/Junior Size

Full/Junior Size

Junior Football goal posts tend to be used at an early teenage level by schools and football clubs. We have aluminium and steel, freestanding and fixed, full and junior football goals. We also have combination posts. All manufactured and supplied by Harrod UK.

We provide these in several formats such as:

Fixed Goals

These are mainly used in outside areas such as sports fields and children’s play areas. We provide two types of fixed football goals, aluminium and steel. The aluminium goals are generally lighter than steel goals, and are also immune to rust. Both are very durable.

Free Standing Goals

The main benefit of freestanding football goals is that they can be moved at any time with our high-rise wheels. Meaning that you can adjust the position of the goals to suit your needs. We provide both aluminium and steel freestanding goals that should be weighted to conform to health and safety.

Combination Goals

Combination football goals bring together football and rugby goals, this helps save time, money and space. It’s very easy to be set up and can be ready to use in just a few minutes. These are ideal if you don’t have much space to spare as the football and rugby goals are built into each other.


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