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Meet The Team


Mr Andrew Harding M.B.P.R

Managing Director
BASIS No. E/2619/A FACTS No. FE/4634/T
Office: 01328 700600
Mobile: 07860 748956
Email: andrew@collier-turf-care.co.uk

  Craig Brisley

Mr Craig Brisley M.B.P.R

Sales Director
BASIS No. E/586/ICMA FACTS No. FE/4635/T
Office: 01328 700600
Mobile: 07739 647766
Email: craigb@collier-turf-care.co.uk
Sales area: East Kent and South Essex

  picture of chris

Mr Chris Humphrey M.B.P.R

Technical Manager
BASIS No. E/5704/ICMAT FACTS No. FE/4636/T
Office: 01328 700600
Mobile: 07912 669457
Email: chris@collier-turf-care.co.uk
Sales area: Sussex, Hampshire, East Dorset and West Kent

  Paul Buxton

Mr Paul Buxton M.B.P.R

Area Technical Sale Representative
BASIS No. E/5739/ICMAT FACTS No. FE/4637/T
Office: 01328 700600
Mobile: 07736 808289
Email: paul@collier-turf-care.co.uk
Sales area: Surrey, Middlesex and South London

  leigh chapman

Mr Leigh Chapman

Area Technical Sale Representative
Office: 01328 700600
Mobile: 07540 666857
Email: leigh@collier-turf-care.co.uk
Sales area: Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire, Suffolk, Essex, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire

  picture of liam

Mr Liam Chapman

Area Technical Sale Representative
Office: 01328 700600
Mobile: 07872 376246
Email: liamc@collier-turf-care.co.uk
Sales area: Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire

  Darren Clewes

Mr Darren Clewes

Area Technical Sale Representative
Office: 01328 700600
Mobile: 07972 913592
Email: darren@collier-turf-care.co.uk
Sales area: Cheshire, Staffordshire, Shropshire, Warwickshire and Worcestershire

  ashley goy

Mr Ashley Goy

Area Technical Sale Representative
Office: 01328 700600
Mobile: 07841278995
Email: ashleyg@collier-turf-care.co.uk
Sales area: Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Wiltshire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire

  picture of john

Mr John Noyce M.B.P.R

Area Technical Sale Representative
BASIS No. AR/E/0177/A FACTS No. FE/3045/H
Office 01328 700600
Mobile: 07540 914275
Email: johnn@collier-turf-care.co.uk
Sales area: East Kent, East and West London

  Jennie Roberts

Miss Jennie Roberts

Area Technical Sale Representative
FACTS No. FE/4641/T
Office: 01328 700600
Mobile: 07850 745744
Email: jennie@collier-turf-care.co.uk
Sales area: Cambridgeshire, West Suffolk and Norfolk

Meet The Team

meet the team

We have a highly trained group of technical sales representatives who all have experience in the growing, management and maintenance of turf from fine turf (golf/bowls greens) right through to football pitches and landscaped lawns. Technically all of our sales team are qualified to the highest industry standards and they are supported further by a very experienced management team.

The rest of our support staff including accounts, sales support, drivers and warehouse staff are all fully trained and committed to giving you the very highest level of service.

Meet our key sales personnel below...


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