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The companies we work with use fully qualified trained personnel and have full insurance cover.

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Read our chemicals and pesticides Health & Safety guidance. All chemicals we supply are cleared for amenity use, to be used exclusively by trained users.

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Working with some of the most respected manufacturers in the industry such as ICL, Barenbrug, Barclays and Vitax

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Here are the standings of the CTC FFL League Table after Gamerweek 5:

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Congratulations to our Player of the Week - Adam Leonard who receives a 10% off voucher to spend in our online store.

As part of the service we offer, our technical amenity and sports staff are able to provide contract spraying services and traditional mechanical contracting.

The companies we work with use fully qualified trained personnel and have full insurance cover. They will follow exactly the recommendations or programmes set out by our qualified technical sales representatives.

Collier Turf Care Contract Spraying

We provide contract pesticide spraying and fertilizer application to golf clubs, sports fields, schools and private estates within our trading area. We only supply and apply specialist amenity products which are fully approved for amenity use. Our BASIS qualified agronomists are available to visit your site and provide bespoke technical recommendations to suit your requirements.

Our contract spray operators are members of NROSO (National Register of Spray Operators) and are highly experienced and fully trained to the highest industry standards. Using Landrovers or specialist covered boom technology for the larger areas and quad bikes and knapsack application to smaller areas, we can offer the full contracting service.


  • Selective Weed Control
  • Chafer Grub Control
  • Leatherjacket Control
  • Worm Control
  • Moss Control
  • Total weed Control
  • Liquid Fertilizer Application

Collier Turf Care Mechanical Contracting

Collier Turf Care offer mainly in Norfolk and Suffolk a comprehensive contract service covering all maintenance and renovation work. These services are provided subject to the report of your Collier Turf Care technical representative by fully qualified and insured local contractors. Where we do not have an existing contractor we are able to put you in contact with other professional contractors who will be able provide you with a quotation for any work required.


  • Verti-draining
  • Gardening
  • Scarification
  • Seed Sowing
  • Top Dressing

All the chemicals we supply are fully cleared for amenity use and should only be used by trained and competent professional users. The chemicals we supply are fully approved for the use as stated on the label. Full protective clothing should be worn when applying these chemicals as described on the label or on the safety data sheets. The operator is responsible for reading the label and applying the chemical in the correct way. This means applying the chemical at the stated quantities in the correct amount of water to specified area.

A full understanding of the chemicals and their usage is essential before these chemicals are used and this also includes their effect to the natural wildlife, flora and fauna in the area they are going to be applied. Untrained or amateur users are are not allowed by law to purchase or apply professional products.

We will only supply professional chemicals to customers known to us or by receiving on headed paper a fully authorised purchase order from a professional account such as a golf course or local authority.


warning All the products we supply are fully cleared for amenity use. We only supply proven tested professional products which are fully supported by the manufacturers when used as per the product label.

As a company we fully support the voluntary initiative about the sale of professional pesticide products. We will only supply pesticides to account customers (who are known to us) other potential customers will need to produce a NPTC (National Proficiency Test Council) test certificate or a NRoSO (National Register of Spray Operators) membership certificate.

Sale of professional Pesticide products

Pesticide Products sale Pesticides approved for the professional use should only be used by trained an competent professional users. (Part III of the Food and Environment Protection Act 1985, and related Codes of Practice).

We remind you of this and ask you to ensure that anyone who uses a professional pesticide product bought from us has the appropriate certificate of competence unless exempt from the requirements of the UK legislation.

If you wish to purchase a professional pesticide product, and you are not known to us as a professional greenkeeper, groundsman, contractor, farmer or grower, then you will be asked to produce either a current NPTC (National Proficiency Tests Council) test certificate or NRoSO (National Register of Sprayer Operators) membership certificate.

If you do not hold the above qualifications (and are not exempt under UK Regulations), you must obtain the relevant training, use a local spraying contractor or apply the product under the supervision of a trained operator.

It is in your interest to obtain the relevant training certificates and we can supply the necessary information.

We accept no liability whatsoever for any injury or damage to persons or property where a product purchased from us is applied by a person without the prescribed qualification and/or not in accordance with the manufacturers instructions supplied with the product.

Use pesticides safely - read the label before use

Working with some of the most respected manufacturers in the industry such as ICL, Barenbrug, Barclays and Vitax, we supply the most comprehensive range of professional products for our customer's requirements. Great care is taken to ensure that these products are delivered in pristine condition, taking as much care as possible in getting them to the customer.

Continual product training from all our key suppliers enables the Collier Turf Care technical sales team to remain at the very forefront of new product development and product usage.

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Here are the standings of the CTC FFL League Table after Gamerweek 5:

Rank Team & Manager Gameweek Points Total Points
1 Len Dogs - Adam Leonard 46 312
2 Sugar Kane - Dave Bradshaw 56 310
3 Power of Beck's - Craig Brisley 57 304
4 Freddie Freeloader - Andy Britton 57 302
5 Rum Ham United - Jack Palmer 52 295
6 Aubergine Emoji - Matt Tugwell 71 293
7 finding Mido - Alex Savill 47 283
7 Steveklopp - Stephen Curtis 45 283
9 BOATS&HOES - Ryan Halliday 60 282
10 Pique Blinders - Aaron Fletcher 35 281
11 Ruud van Nipplejoy - Will Dunger 63 274
12 Baghdad Warriors - Mathew Hill 40 268
12 TW: Masters Champ - Tom Gilbert 39 268
12 Dodgy Dave - David Richards 63 268
15 Athletico mabbo - Rolan Haylett 56 267
16 stickman rovers - Leigh Chapman 30 266
17 Farke Pogba - Gavin Warmer 46 263
18 Pique boo - Craig Gamble 47 262
19 Total Voëtbal - Nick Deere 48 255
20 Saint Totteringham - Richard Whitney 35 251
21 Top Rod Rovers - Liam Chapman 52 247
22 Bulleysboys - Jack Bulley 45 244
23 Deeney In A Bottle - Josh Manser 31 242
24 ShawShank Redemption - Nick Holmes 51 232
25 Tony's Sexy Chickens - Ben Binder 39 216

Congratulations to our Player of the Week - Adam Leonard who receives a 10% off voucher to use in our online store.

Congratulations to our Player of the Month - .............................. who receives our cash prize of £20.


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