H2Pro AquaSmart

Product Description

AquaSmart is an outfield wetting agent designed for a low rate of application and so provides a cost effective programme. The special blend of surfactants in AquaSmart formulated for all soil types can help maintain turf quality through periods of dry weather by maximising the effectiveness of irrigation or rainfall.

Essentially it provides greater water-use efficiency by preventing drying and allowing quick rewetting of the soil, so maintaining a healthy plant and a quality turf surface.

Product Advantages:

  • Improves water use efficiency for outfield areas
  • Reduces incidence of dry patch formation
  • Flexible application rates
  • Protects turf quality through periods of dry conditions.
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Pack Size: 5 ltr

Type: Liquid

Application Rate:

5 ltr/ha.

Pack Coverage:

10,000 sq.m

£92.00 ex. VAT
£110.40 inc. VAT
RRP £107.05 ex. VAT



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