Aquatrols Primer Select SWDG

Product Description

Primer Select SWDG formulation is a blend of non-ionic soil surfactants impregnated onto a spreadable, water dispersible granular carrier. This results in a dry granular formulation that provides performance equal to Primer Select Liquid Formulation with the convenience of spreader application. Primer Select SWDG can be safely applied in the spring, before the irrigation system is activated, as well as during the summer when environmental stress conditions may impact turf performance.

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Pack Size: 22.5 kg

Type: Granular

Application Rate: 18 g sq.m

Pack Coverage: 1,250 sq.m

Longevity: 4 Weeks

£138.64 ex. VAT
£166.37 inc. VAT
RRP £161.33 ex. VAT



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