Roto-Sure 1000 Deluxe Measuring Wheel

Product Description

The Roto-Sure 1000 Deluxe is a heavy duty measuring wheel suitable for a wide range of applications from construction to accident investigation. Perfect balance ensures accurate measurement while sealed roller bearings provide a smooth action against the measured surface providing precision.

  • Accuracy 0.5% ensures accurate readings up to 9,999.9 metre.
  • Trigger brake in handle giving full control of measurement.
  • Kick down side stand ideal when recording measurements on the move.
  • Built in carry handle folds in half for easy transporting.
  • Debris scraper ensures accurate measurement by removing stones and dirt.
  • Wheel circumference 1 metre precision machined and heavy duty for consistent measurement.


£174.89 ex. VAT
£209.87 inc. VAT
RRP £186.55 ex. VAT



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