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MO Bacter Organic Fertiliser

Mo Bacter Organic Granular Fertiliser

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Feed and remove moss from your turf with Viano's Mo Bacter

Viano's Mo Bacter Organic Fertiliser feeds your lawn whilst also destroying the moss that's present in the grass. Mo Bacter also stops the moss from reforming. Mo Bacter releases its nutrients over a twelve week period. Mo Bacter contains bacillus subtilus SP which consumes dead material like thatch.

One of the major benefits of using Mo Bacter is that it destroys moss without leaving any of the unsightly black debris. The dead moss is actually digested by the bacteria leaving your lawn looking healthier.

Mo Bacter Organic Fertiliser is a unique organic moss control fertiliser that will not send your moss black and saves you from the back breaking work of clearing the moss up. Lawns are left free of any moss with no need to scarify, it's harmless to animals and wildlife, is completely organic and doesn't damage border plants.

As a result of this, no raking is necessary when using Mo Bacter Organic Fertiliser.

Pack Size: 20 kg
Type: Granular
Slow Release: 12 weeks
Application Rate: 100 - 114 g/sq. m
Pack Coverage: 175 - 200/sq.m (depending on application rate)
Application Period: March - September

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