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nippon wasp nest destroyer

Nippon Wasp Nest Destroyer Foam

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This powerful spray aerosol, which can be used from a distance of over three metres, allows safer, DIY treatment of wasps’ nests in and around the home.

The spray foams up instantly to show that the whole nest has been thoroughly treated. The temporary foam coating normally disappears within a few minutes.

It should be used in early morning or late evening when it is cooler and wasps are in the nest and are generally inactive. Simply hold the can upright, three metres away from the nest and spray in three second bursts, making sure that the whole nest is thoroughly wetted. Particular attention should be paid to the nest entrance or where wasps are seen entering and leaving. It may be necessary to repeat the application where the entrance to the nest is inaccessible.

Pack Size: 12 x 300 ml
Type: Aerosol

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Safety Data Sheet LABELV3 INFOV3

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