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Vitalnova Blade

ICL Vitalnova Blade Liquid Fertiliser

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Vitalnova is a liquid soil micro flora activator for advanced turf grass nutrition. Its compounds are a balanced complement of macro and micro nutrients, simple sugars supplying carbohydrates and seaweed extract.

Product Advantages:

  • Directly increase carbohydrate levels within the grass plant
  • Increases mycorrhizal numbers and enhances nutrient uptake
  • Increases soil bacterial populations and soil nutrient cycling is enhanced
  • Improved rooting structure
  • Faster seed emergence and establishment
  • Previously locked-up nutrients in the soil are released to enhance colour and turf health
  • Trace element package to enhance turf health and aid recovery from stress

To see what ICL products can be tank mixed, view this 'Tank Mix Table' in Technical Support.

Pack Size: 10 ltr
Type: Liquid
Application Rate: 25 - 50 ltr/ha.
Pack Coverage: 4,000 sq.m

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Recommended Application Rate :50.00000 ltr/ha


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