Ev-n-Spred Flex-Select Professional 36 kg

Product Description

The NEW EarthWay EV-N-SPRED FLEX-SELECT series are engineered for extremely accurate application, easy operation and a long life. The EV-N-SPRED FLEX-SELECT series are heavy-duty, highly manoeuvrable fertiliser spreaders that are engineered to apply for all types of material. Introducing an interchangeable tray system, one of three optional uniquely suited ‘trays’ can be selected. Including precision engineered apertures and shut off systems for multiple materials and output rates.


  • Each machine comes with a standard output tray featuring the EV-N-SPRED 3 hole drop mechanism with the DUAL port adjustable shut off system. This system applies all granular fertilisers evenly and efficiently in a 180 degree balanced spread pattern, saving time and money due to its true one pass even application!
  • Optional Extra: the high output tray is specifically designed for applying large granular materials such as rock salt and sand. This tray has a NEW exclusive oscillating agitator integrated into the shut off system which improves the flow of difficult to spread materials.
  • Optional Extra: the low output tray accurately applies small gauge materials such as fine grass seed, chemicals and other low volume output products. This tray features the exclusive oscillating shut-off with agitation pins which ensures fine materials remain flowing.
  • 36kg hopper capacity
  • EV-N-SPRED FLEX-SELECT interchangeable tray system
  • New ‘floating’ heavy duty gearbox for life
  • 33cm diameter turf tyres on rust-proof poly rims
  • Debris screen
  • Epoxy coated or stainless steel chassis
  • Optional 3 sided deflector and rain cover


£560.75 ex. VAT
£672.90 inc. VAT
RRP £598.13 ex. VAT



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