Farmura Liquid Seaweed

Product Description

A new range of high quality liquid seaweed that provides a food source to stimulate bacteria and fungal life. It should be used as a soil conditioner and plant growth stimulator. A high 30% concentration to be used as a general soil conditioner which increase plant growth and encourages strong rooting. Apply monthly as required at 10 ltr per hectare to all turf areas.


  • High 30% concentration
  • Complete range of trace elements and vitamins
  • Delicate balance of growth stimulators
  • Aids plant survival during stressful conditions
  • Recovery stimulation following stress or turf damage
  • Tank mixes with organic and liquid fertilizers
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Pack Size: 25 ltr

Type: Liquid

Application Rate: 10 ltr/ha.

Pack Coverage: 10,000

£128.09 ex. VAT
£153.71 inc. VAT
RRP £150.69 ex. VAT



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