Gloves Green Nitrile (Chems) Pair

Product Description

A nitrile formula glove for the resistance of many solvents and oil based chemicals.

  • 330 mm glove length.

  • Flock-lined for comfort.

  • Good abrasion and puncture resistance.

  • Ideal for use in chemical, maintenance, assembly, automotive, printing and food processing industries.

  • CE approved to Class , BS EN 374:1994, BS EN 388:2003.

BSEN388 - Mechanical Hazard

Mechanical Hazards are associated with the handling of rough or sharp objects which could abrade, cut or pierce the skin, such as glass, thin metal sheet and masonry blocks. A mechanical hazard is not associated with moving machinery, in fact it can be extremely dangerous to wear gloves which could catch in moving parts or serrated blades*.

4 = Abrasion (Performance Index 1-4) 1 = Blade Cut (Performance Index 1-5) 0 = Tear (Performance Index 1-4) 1 = Puncture (Performance Index 1-4) Note:* Where 1 is the lowest and X indicates no rating

BSEN374 CATIII - Chemical Hazard

Whether total immersion or merely splash is involved, any substance which would irritate, inflame or burn the skin is classed as a Chemical Hazard.

Some substances can cause the skin to become sensitised over a period of time while others have a more immediate and painful effect. The European Norm covering the performance of Chemical Protective Gloves has been revised and is now identified as BSEN 374.2003. In order that a more informed and relevant glove selection can be made, a list of 12 chemicals, identified by the letters A to L, has been nominated and a manufacturer has to submit gloves to be tested against any 3 of these chemicals before approval is obtained. Penetration and permeation of the chemical through the glove is measured to determine the breakthrough time.

The micro-organism pictogram can be used where the glove performs to at least level 2 for the permeation test i.e. Greater than 30 minutes.

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