Rainbow 600 mm Spiral Tree Guards

Product Description

Spiral Tree Guards are used extensively across the Northern Hemisphere for protecting young trees such as Standards, Seedlings Transplants and Single Stem Hedge Plant Varieties against browsing animals such as rabbit, hare, sheep and roe deer. They offer a very low unit cost but also are very quick and simple to install and often do not need additional tree stakes or fastenings to support them. This makes them the most cost-efficient way of protecting young trees from chemical or rabbits compared to other techniques such as Tree Shelters or Fencing. An additional major advantage of using Spiral Guards is their ability to grow with trees as they mature without the risk of strangulation or having to remove them from trees.

Product Advantages:

  • Very simple and quick installation
  • No fixing stakes or fastenings required on most trees
  • Lowest unit cost system and low maintenance
  • Doesn't need revisiting to remove from mature trees in most situations
  • Can promote thickening for hedging applications
  • Does offer some benefits to aid growth in young trees

Pack Size: pk 250

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