Landscaper Pro Tablets 15:9:9 15g x 467 7kg bucket

Product Description

The resin coating around each prill controls the daily nutrient release. Almost all the NPK is slowly made available for uptake by the plant and not lost into drains, ponds or ditches. The tablets are designed for use around pot-grown and field-grown trees, shrubs, newly planted stock and other soil-grown crops.

Product Advantages:

  • Controlled release fertiliser for trees and shrubs.
  • Available as granules and easy to use moulded tablets.
  • Feeds plants for two years from one application.
Pack Size: 7 kg bucket (467 x 15g)
Type: Tablet
Slow Release: Yes
Application Rate: 2 - 16 tablets per plant
Longevity: 2 years

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£87.83 inc. VAT
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