Enmag CRF Fertiliser 11.22.9

Product Description

A controlled release fertilizer for trees and shrubs. Enmag CRF eliminates the need for repeated applications and minimises leaching - even in pure sand.

One dressing applied over a root area of established plants, or incorporated in the soil, in the planting hole during transporting, will provide a continuous supply of nutrients throughout the growing season.

A versatile feed for: shrubs, roses and groundcover plants, herbaceous annuals and perennials, trees, forestry and ornamentals.

Product longevity depends on environmental factors and application rate

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Pack Size: 25 kg

Type: Granular

Slow Release: No

Application Rate:

Pack Coverage:

Longevity: 32 - 38 Weeks

£78.94 ex. VAT
£94.73 inc. VAT
RRP £91.85 ex. VAT



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