Fusion Granular

Fusion Granular is a mix of iron (20%), magnesium (5%), manganese (8%), zinc (2%) and copper (1%) all complexed with natural carbohydrates and reducing sugars ensuring that the micronutrients are in a form as that the plant easily assimilates. Initial water solubility of the small 1mm (SGN 100) sucrate granule is low but this changes over time. This results in a true slow release micronutrient formulation lasting up to 12 weeks.

The size and weight of the sucrate molecule plus the complex with various sugars reduce nutrient lock up in the soil and give optimum plant uptake in both acid and alkali soil conditions and significantly reduces leaching out of the soil profile compared with normal ferrous sulphate.

Fusion Granular is designed for use on managed fine turf and is an excellent source of slow release iron, providing truly long lasting release of micronutrients. Fusion Granular can be used all year round at 10-20 g sq.m and a 20 kg bag will cover 1,000-2,000 sq.m

Product longevity depends on environmental factors and application rate


Pack Size: 20 kg

Type: Granular

Slow Release: Yes

Application Rate: 20 g sq.m

Pack Coverage: 1,000 sq.m

Longevity: 12 Weeks

Price £54.63 ex. VAT
RRP £57.50 ex. VAT
Price £65.56 inc. VAT



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