Hunters Equestrian General Purpose Grass Seed

Product Description

A mixture formulated to provide grazing for horses and ponies with intermittent rests from grazing to provide a hay crop.

Hardwearing general-purpose mixture designed to withstand the pressures of equestrian use and provide good quality grazing for horses.


  • Grass varieties used have been specifically selected for roughage and low fructan content
  • Produces a good, spring, dense turf
  • The low fructane concentration reduces the risk of laminitis
  • Strong grass plant rooting system, making the sward dense, hard-wearing and persistent
  • Paddock will deliver grazing and forage production
  • Yields good levels of effective roughage, ideal for a fit and healthy equine gut

In the Bag

Percentage Type
70% Perennial ryegrass
16% Strong creeping red fescue
8% Meadow fescue
6% Timothy


Pack Size: 10 kg

£39.06 ex. VAT
£39.06 inc. VAT
RRP £39.99 ex. VAT



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