Barenbrug Sport Fescue Eco 20 kg

Product Description

Fescue Eco mixture is made up of 60% slender red creeping fescue and 40% Chewings red fescue seed. The combination of these two sub-species offers the best solution for year-round performance and growth in fescue-dominant turf – Chewings fescues will generally be most active in spring through to mid-summer, whereas slender creepers “kick in” during early summer and perform well through to autumn.


In the Bag

Percentage Cultivars Type
30% Pinafore Slender creeping red fescue
30% Nicole Slender creeping red fescue
30% Melitta Chewings red fescue
10% Bargreen Chewings red fescue

Sowing Rate Sowing Depth Oversowing Rate Mowing Height
25 - 35 g sq.m 8 - 12 mm 15 - 25 g sq.m down to 4 mm

Pack Size: 20 kg


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