Barenbrug L-93XD 11.34 kg

Product Description

Bred by Jacklin Seed, L-93XD is a brand new creeping bentgrass bred specifically for high performance golf greens and eXtra Disease (XD) tolerance.

L-93XD has received excellent independent evaluations in current NTEP (National Turf- grass Evaluation Program) putting green trials comparing it side-by-side with other commercial and experimental bentgrasses.


100% L-93XD creeping bentgrass




  • L-93XD earned

    no. 1 ranking at California Golf Club of San Francisco greens test,

    no. 2 Los Angeles Country Club greens test,

    no. 1 NJ1 greens, =#2 IN1 greens, =#2 LPI Group 3 greens,

    no. 2 LPI Group 1 fairway, =#3 LPI Group 2 fairway

  • Exceptional fineness of leaf and shoot density
  • Excellent disease tolerance to Microdochium, Anthracnose and Dollar Spot
  • Medium green colour

  • Specifications

    In the Bag

    Percentage Cultivars Type
    100% Ignite Creeping bentgrass

    Sowing Rate Sowing Depth Oversowing Rate Mowing Height
    8 - 10 g sq.m Rootzone contact 4 - 5 g sq.m down to 2 mm

    Pack Size: 11.34kg bucket

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