Bar RPR Stadium

RPR Stadium is an outstanding new mixture designed to solve groundsmen's four biggest challenges on stadium pitches. Wear tolerance, recovery for wear, dark colour and leaf spot tolerance


  • Barorlando and Barlibro have superior leaf spot tolerance when assessed independently as part of the French turfgrass list.
  • Barlibro offers increased stolon production over previous RPR varieties
  • Barorlando and Barcristalla offer a combination of performance (wear tolerance) and genetic colour

Barenbrug’s aim is to produce all grass seed to the Higher Voluntary Standard (HVS), which is unique to the UK guaranteeing a higher level of purity than European Union (EU) Standards.

In the Bag

Percentage Cultivars Type
35% Barorlando Dwarf perennial ryegrass
35% Barcristalla Dwarf perennial ryegrass
30% Barlibro RPR perennial ryegrass

Sowing Rate Sowing Depth Oversowing Rate Mowing Height
30 - 50 g sq.m 12 - 15 mm 15 - 30 g sq.m down to 18 mm


Pack Size: 20 kg

Price £118.52 ex. VAT
RRP £137.91 ex. VAT
Price £118.52 inc. VAT



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