Barenbrug Grass Seed Range

Barenbrug Grass Seed Range

Grass Seed for Amenity, Sports Turf and Domestic Use

Browse our selection of top quality Barenbrug amenity and lawn grass seed. Ranging from:

  • Barenbrug Sport Seed - for fine turf and amenity grass seed. (e.g. All Bent, Extreme)
  • Barenbrug Essential Seed - high quality grass seed that caters for domestic and semi-professional use. (e.g. E1 Lawn & Landscape)
  • Barenbrug Green Velvet Seed - some of the best lawn seed products available for the domestic market (e.g. All Rounder, The Shady One)
  • Barenbrug Equestrian Seed - seed designed specifically for paddocks (e.g. Hunters General Purpose)
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    Our spreaders are suitable for spreading grass seed as well as fertilisers and salt

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    Want more information?

    For a more technical breakdown of each grass seed type, visit our Barenbrug Technical Seed Information page

    Higher Voluntary Standard

    Not only do Barenbrug support the UK farming industry, they aim to produce their grass seed to the Higher Voluntary Standard (HVS), which is unique to the UK, guaranteeing a higher level of seed purity than European Union standards. Grass seed breeders work to improve and update cultivars on an ongoing basis, providing turf professionals with characteristics like disease and drought tolerance, cool-temperature germination and rapid recovery from wear.

    Not sure what you need?

    No problem! Most of the grass seeds have their recommended usages listed, however if you are still unsure contact one of our friendly Grass Guys via email or call 01328 700600


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