Aquatrols Porthcawl

Product Description

The ultimate liquid organic fertiliser feed combining feeding, conditioning and colour. Porthcawl is a homogenised, sterilised and odorised bovine extract and an advanced blend of organic ingredients including seaweed plus iron and wetting agents. Apply monthly 100 ltrs per hectare throughout the year when temperature is above 7°C. Formulated for use on fine turf areas, fairways and outfields.

Features & Benefits:

  • Excellent soil conditioner increasing soil bacteria
  • Contains 70 analysed nutrients including micro nutrients, trace elements, carbohydrates, amino acids and natural growth regulators
  • Formulation of Organic Liquid + iron + seaweed
  • Synergistic blend of organic ingredients
  • Feeds though the leaf, root and soil
  • Low nitrogen 0.6%
  • Promotes a dense, deep rooting sward and a healthy colour
  • Encourages fine grasses
  • Releases locked up nutrients making them available to the plant
  • Improves drought and disease resistance
  • Scientifically proven to increase bacterial populations
  • Tank mixes with Aquatrols liquid range
  • STRI research confirms compatibility with Aquatrols Revolution – see under Water Management for more information on Revolution
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Pack Coverage:

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