Potassium Nitrate 13.0.46

A formulation of potassium nitrate ideally suited for promoting growth and recovery in low soil temperature conditions. It contains no sulphur and nearly 50% oxygen as part of its chemical composition.

The nitrate nitrogen requires no conversion in the soil before being available to the plant, making it ideal for use at low soil temperatures during the autumn and spring to promote growth and recovery from stress caused by the after effects of aeration.


  • 100% potassium nitrate - no carrier
  • Easy to see during application
  • Nitrate nitrogen immediately available for uptake
  • Sulphur-free and therefore ideal for use in black-layer situations
  • Formulated for ease of application and quick dispersal into the sward
  • Low application rates for cost effective use
  • Works at lower temperatures


Pack Size: 25 kg

Type: Prill

Slow Release: No

Application Rate:

25 - 50 kg/ha.

Pack Coverage:

5,000 - 10,000 sq.m

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