Greenvale Organic 5:3:3

Product Description

Greenvale is a certified organic NPK fertiliser. It can be used for vegetables and flowers, shrubs and lawns. Made from free-range chicken manure it offers organic nitrogen and a wide range of trace elements plus calcium. The nutrients will be made available to the plant roots through the activity of the soil bacteria and released steadily. With a humus content of 76% Greenvale will make an important contribution to improving soil structure.

Product longevity depends on environmental factors and application rate

Pack Size: 25 kg
Type: Pellet
Slow Release: Yes
Longevity: 4 - 6 Weeks

Application Guide

Where Application
New Lawns 300 - 500 g sq.m rake in before sowing grass seed
Lawns Spread 200 g sq.m in March & repeat in June
Roses Add 300 g sq.m when planting - top up with 250 g sq.m in March and June
Shrubs & Fruit Incorporate 250 g per plant into soil at time of planting. Top up with 300 g each year in March and again in June
Beds & Borders Hoe 200 g into topsoil in spring and autumn.
New Gardens After initial cultivation work 500 g sq.m into soil in autumn. Repeat before planting in spring
Potatoes Work 12 kg Greenvale per 100 sq.m

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