Sportsmaster Zero Phosphate 12:0:9

Contains: Fe

Sportsmaster Zero Phosphate is a conventional NK fertilizer, with no phosphorus, and contains iron and magnesium to enhance turf colour and health.

Its balanced formulation gives a sustained response without excessive growth, and improves resilience to drought and wear.

Product Advantages:

  • Ideal during spring and summer when grass is growing strongly
  • Conventional NK fertilizer, no phosphorus
  • Contains iron and magnesium to enhance turf health and colour
  • Balanced formulation, sustained response, no excessive growth
  • Improves resilience to drought and wear

Product performance and longevity depends on both environmental factors and application rate

Product Application - Fertilizers must be irrigated in within 1 - 2 days subject to environmental conditions. Do not apply to stressed turf (drought or frozen)
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Nutrient levels applied kg/ha.

35 g sq.m

42 0 31.5

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Pack Size: 25 kg

Type: Minigran.

Slow Release: No

Application Rate:

35 - 50 g sq.m

Pack Coverage:

500 - 714 sq.m

Longevity: 4 - 6 Weeks

0 - 9 £24.16
10 - 19 £23.68
20 - 39 £23.19
40 + £22.71
Price From £22.71 ex. VAT
RRP £25.77 ex. VAT
Price From £27.25 inc. VAT



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