Sierraform GT K-Step 6:0:27

Contains: 2% MgO & Trace Elements

Sierraform GT K-Step is a NPK fertilizer that contains ICL’s patented MU2 and SilK technologies. It has a low nitrogen content for compact growth and turf hardening.

K-Step contains high amounts of potassium which also hardens the turf in stressful summer or winter conditions. It has a full trace element package, and is ideal for use as a pre-stress conditioner on fine turf areas. The phosphate free formulation aids management of soil phosphorus build up.

Product Advantages:

  • Ideal as a pre-stress conditioner
  • Low nitrogen for compact growth and turf hardening
  • High potassium for stressful summer and winter conditions
  • Full trace element package for overall turf health
  • Contains magnesium for turf colour and mask symptoms of stress
  • Aids management of soil phosphorus build up

Product performance and longevity depends on both environmental factors and application rate

Product Application - Fertilizers must be irrigated in within 1 - 2 days subject to environmental conditions. Do not apply to stressed turf (drought or frozen)
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Nutrient levels applied kg/ha.

25 g sq.m

15 0 67.5

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Pack Size: 20 kg

Type: Minigran.

Slow Release: Yes

Application Rate:

15 - 25 g sq.m

Pack Coverage:

800 - 1,333 sq.m

Longevity: 6 - 8 Weeks

Price £46.67 ex. VAT
RRP £49.78 ex. VAT
Price £56.00 inc. VAT



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