Verdone Ready to Use | Selective Weed Killer

Product Description

Effectively kills most lawn weeds including the problem weeds such as Black Medick, Lesser Trefoil, White Clover and Common Mouse-Ear. Verdone is one of the best weed killers for lawns around.

Pre-diluted, ready-to-use selective weed killer spray that controls most broad-leaf weeds with one application without harming the grass.

Verdone Extra Ready To Use scores because it gives good control of many problem weeds such as lesser trefoil (yellow suckling clover), black medick (a small leaved clover), common mouse-ear chickweed, yarrow, parsley-piert and the blue flowering speedwell.

Pack Size: 800 ml
Type: Liquid
Pack Coverage: Various


£6.00 ex. VAT
£7.20 inc. VAT
RRP £6.80 ex. VAT



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