Neosorexa Gold Rat Bait

Neosorexa Gold is a radical new bait technology which promises to dramatically increase the speed and reliability of farm rat and mouse control while reducing its environmental risk by taking the greatest possible advantage of rodents' natural feeding behaviour. Unlike all other baits which are of a consistently uniform appearance, texture, taste and smell, Neosorexa Gold - the first bait employing this technology - includes a balance of patented foraging grain pellets of a clearly different size, colour, shape, texture, smell and taste to the treated cut wheat base.

Neosorexa Gold is the first rodent bait to use Fortec Technology. A mixture of foraging grain pellets and cut wheat means greater palatability and faster control. Fortec is a major advancement in rodenticide technology to aid modern rodent control as its offer a better understanding of rodent's natural feeding behaviour.


Pack Size: 3 kg

Type: Granule

Price £33.79 ex. VAT
RRP £37.55 ex. VAT
Price £40.55 inc. VAT

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