Grazers Agriculture 10 Acre

Product Description

10 rabbits eat an equivalent amount as 1 sheep!

Grazers is an effective solution to an enormous problem on farms. In a very competitive market it is imperative to maximise returns from every hectare. Grazers can be sprayed at any growth stage effectively, though it lasts longest when applied to young plants while the crop is actively growing eg in spring/early summer and early autumn.

Where pigeons are the main problem it is possible to spot treat weaker areas most at risk from damage, particularly in late winter early spring thus giving the crop a break and helping it to recover to a point where it's not at risk.

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Pack Size: 1 ltr

Type: Liquid

Pack Coverage: 10 Acres

£140.63 ex. VAT
£168.76 inc. VAT
RRP £150.00 ex. VAT



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