Indigrow Upstream Black

Product Description

Indigro Upstream Black Lake Colourant is a concentrated easy to use aquatic colourant. Natural dyes darken the water and preclude sunlight from promoting re-growth of algae and weeds whilst giving a much improved aesthetic appearance. Applied at the surface, it rapidly disperses downwards to provide a natural black colour within minutes. Upstream Black has been designed for effective use with Upstream BioClear.

Key Benefits:

  • Liquid formulation allows flexible application rates
  • Slows algae growth
  • Should be used after Upstream Bio-Clear has removed algae
Pack Size: 1 ltr
Type: Liquid
Pack Coverage: 2,000 sq.m
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£40.71 ex. VAT
£48.85 inc. VAT
RRP £47.89 ex. VAT



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