Indigrow Upstream Bio-Clear

Product Description

Upstream Bio-Clear contains a blend of colourless and odourless bacteria that quickly consume dissolved nutrients in the water effectively, starving the algae of its food source. Other strains of bacteria in the formulation also help to consume the buildup of organic material at the bottom of the water such as leaves and other dead plant material.

Key Benefits:

  • Natural and non-herbicidal control of algae growth
  • Helps eradicate unsightly organic material in water
  • For use prior to onset of algae growth
  • Optimum efficiency in still or slow water above 10°C
Pack Size: Tub of 12 Sachets
Type: Water Soluble Powder
Pack Coverage: 1,500 - 6,000 sq.m
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£312.81 ex. VAT
£375.37 inc. VAT



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