Product Description

Liquid silicon stress reducer for turf

  • VitaSil provides essential potassium and beneficial silicon, plus uptake-enhancing humates.

  • Silicon is increasingly recognised by turf professionals as a vital component in nutrient programmes. Vitasil strengthens cell walls, toughens epidermal cells, regulates stomata action and boosts plants’ natural disease defences.

  • Turf strengthened with VitaSil is more resistant to heat stress, drought stress and wear. The tougher cells boost natural defence mechanisms to help resist disease attack. Stronger xylem cell walls maintain water flow through the plant under stress conditions to maintain metabolic activity resulting in quicker recovery.

  • Turf blades are more erect when fortified with VitaSil so seed heads and stalky materials are mown off more reliably, giving a cleaner cut, better appearance and faster ball roll.

Pack Size: 10 ltr
Type: Liquid
Application Rate: 5 ltr/ha.
Pack Coverage: 20,000 sq.m
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